THPdb: A Database of FDA approved Therapeutic Peptides and Proteins
==== Reference: Usmani SS, Bedi G, Samuel JS, Singh S, Kalra S, Kumar P, et al. (2017) THPdb: Database of FDA-approved peptide and protein therapeutics. PLoS ONE 12(7) e0181748.====

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Therapeutic Proteins

On therapeutic prespective, there is tremendous opportunity in terms of harnessing protein therapeutics to alleviate disease. Once a rarely used subset of medical treatments, protein therapeutics have increased dramatically in number and frequency of use since the introduction of the first recombinant protein therapeutic — human insulin — about 30 years ago. The pharmaceutical industry is viewing therapeutic proteins with a renewed interest. On going research is investigating a myriad of therapeutic peptides to study and improve their availability and efficacy.

What is THPdb?

THPdb is a comprehensive database based on approved and approved/investigational therapeutic peptides compiling important information about these peptides, like their description, sequence, indication, mechanism of action, pharmacodynamics, toxicity, metabolism, absorption, half life, volume of distribution, clearance rate, patent information, interaction with other drugs, targets, physicochemical properties, etc. These peptides have been classified into four categories according to their application, making it easy for the user to access them. Therapeutic peptides are modified in different ways so as to alter their properties and then sold under different brand names by various companies. THPdb provides detailed description of such brands in a user-friendly way to enable quick access of relevant information on the peptides. All information compiled in this database has been extracted from research papers, patents, pharmaceutical company websites catering to product details, drugbank, US-FDA and others.

Major Features

Searching Facilities: Searching modules allow users to retrieve data from database using various options that includes; i) searching on any field, ii) identical secondary structure, iii) composition/frequency of residues and iv) composition of secondary structure.

Group-wise Data Browsing: Modules under this section allow the users to retrieve data in classified manner. These modules allow users to browse peptide and protein therapeutics of different categories.

Similarity Search: It mainatins primary, secondary and tertiary structure of all peptides; peptide structures were either obtained from PDB or predicted using structure prediction methods (PepStrMod and I-TASSER). Web based tools integrated in THPdb allow users to perform similarity based search on sequence, structure or composition.

Mobile Compatible Website: THPdb is built on a responsive template, compatible for desktop, tablet and smart phone. These templates are dynamic that fit content based on screen size of device.