==== Reference: Usmani SS, Bedi G, Samuel JS, Singh S, Kalra S, Kumar P, et al. (2017) THPdb: Database of FDA-approved peptide and protein therapeutics. PLoS ONE 12(7) e0181748.====

Browse by Functional Clasification based on Mode of Activity in THPdb

This page provides the functional role or mode of activity distribution of peptides and proteins present in the THPdb. For more information see HELP page.

Following table enlists the number of entries in repsective categories based upon function. Bar graph shows the distribution. For alternate view, click on Pie View.
Group Ia - Replacing a protein that is deficient or abnormal94
Group Ib - Augmenting an existing pathway108
Group Ic - Providing a novel function or activity27
Group IIa - Interfering with a molecule or organism68
Group IIb - Delivering other compounds or proteins10
Group IIIa - Protecting against a deleterious foreign agent14
Group IIIb - Treating an autoimmune disease21
Group IIIc - Treating cancer23
Group IV - Protein Diagnostics15
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