AVP-PEpred: Antiviral Peptide-Percent Efficacy Predictor

  • Antiviral peptides (AVPs) have garnered wide spread acceptance as alternative therapeutic strategy to fight viral infections.
  • AVP-PEpred is a freely accessible regression based quantitative efficacy predictior of peptide antiviral activity.
  • Developed using 751 unique peptides checked for their percent antiviral activity from dedicated databases, AVPdb  -Database of Antiviral Peptides and HIPdb  -Database of HIV inhibiting peptides.
  • We have also utilized important features like amino acid composition, binary and physicochemical properties etc. for model development.
  • SVM and RF have been employed.
  • Highly user friendly web interface.
  • Additional analysis tools including Peptide tinker, Customized mutations, Motif finder, Property calculator etc have been integrated.
  • Our aim is to assist the biologists working in the area of peptide-based therapeutics by cutting the cost & time efforts.