Advanced Search in AHTPDB

This page is designed to facilitate user to search AHTPDB database using multiple queries joined by logical operators like AND/OR. This search module allows user to perform search on any or all fields of AHTPDB Database. It also allows to DISPLAY all field or user selected fields. For more information see HELP page.
Search Options

  • Explanation for Advanced Search
    • CONDITIONAL SEARCH can be used for more refined query in AHTPDB. For instance, User come up with the following questions pre hand and wants to SEARCH

      1. AHT peptides having sequence LQP only
      2. in the above article, select peptides derived from source like Cereals
      3. among the above selection criteria; show peptides with have been reported after the year 2004
      4. among the above selected peptides; select only those peptides purified by technique like HPLC

      5. By clicking Submit; user can get desired output.
        In a similar way, query can be extended using "Add" button and reduced using "Delete" button.

S. No. Field to be Searched Condition Fill/Select Query AND/OR/NOT Add Remove