Useful Links Related to Peptides

This page gives useful links related to peptide analysis and research.
ACEpepDB Database of food derived antihypertensive peptides
BIOPEP BIOPEP database and other programs for processing bioactive peptide sequences.
EROP-Moscow Endogenous Regulatory OligoPeptide knowledgebase
IEDB Database of antibody and T cell epitopes for humans, non-human primates, rodents, and other animal species.
BRAINPEPS Resource of blood-brain barrier properties of peptides.
QUORUMPEPS Database of quorum sensing signalling peptides.
CAMP Database for antimicrobial peptides.
APD2 Database for antimicrobial peptides.
ANTIMIC ANTIMIC is a comprehensive database of known and putative antimicrobial peptides, which contains ~1700 of these peptides.
PhytAMP PhytAMP is a database of plant antimicrobial peptides.
BIOPD BioPD is a Bioactive Polypeptide Database & hence a resource of bioactive peptides.
SPDB Database containing signal sequences of archaea, prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
TumorHope TumorHope is a curated database of tumor homing peptides.
Pepbank Database of peptides based on sequence text mining and public peptide data sources.
PeptideDB Database of naturally occuring signalling peptide from animal resource.
Mimodb Database of mimotopes.
Hmrbase Dataabase of hormones and their receptors.
MHCBN The MHCBN is a curated database consisting of detailed information about Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Binding, Non-binding peptides and T-cell epitopes.
BCIPEP Database of B cell epitopes.
AntigenDB Database of pathogen antigens.
Pepfold Server predicting peptide structures from amino acid sequences.
DiscoTope Server predicts discontinuous B cell epitopes from protein three dimensional structures.
ElliPro Server for antibody and epitope prediction.
NetCTL Server predicts CTL epitopes in protein sequences.
Epitopia Server for detection of immunogenic regions in protein structures or sequences.
Cobepro Server for predicting continous B -cell epitopes.
Pep-3D-search Server for B-cell epitope prediction based on mimotope analysis.
AllerTools Webserver for predicting allergenicity and allergic cross-reactivity in proteins.
Pepstr The Pepstr server predicts the tertiary structure of small peptides with sequence length varying between 7 to 25 residues.
Antibp Antibp server predicts the antibacterial peptides in a protein sequence.