In silico Platform for designing genome-based
Personalized immunotherapy or Vaccine against Cancer

NGS-based identification of cancer vaccine candidates

This module enables user to identify the immune epitopes generated due to mutations, from Next Generation Sequencing data ( VCF file OR ANNOVAR input file ). For more information see HELP page.

Option 1:

This module uses the converted Variant Calling Format (VCF) file of genome sequencing. Since the VCF files are large in size, the user has to convert the VCF file to ANNOVAR input file and then upload it to server.

ANNOVAR input module
Step 1:    Download the perl script and process the VCF file as given below-
perl -format vcf4 inputfile.VCF > outputfile
Step 2:    Upload the above output file to the link given below for immune epitope prediction.


Upload ANNOVAR Input File in (.gz) format  

Example ANNOVAR input file

Email (Optional)



Option 2:

This module uses the raw sequencing file in the form of Variant Calling Format (VCF). User has to submit the VCF file, which is well accepted format for variant information storage.

Upload the VCF file directly to the link given below, for immune epitope prediction.

Upload VCF File in (.gz) format  

Example VCF file

Email (Optional)


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