Protein Structure Prediction Servers

AlphaPred: A neural network based method for predicting alpha-turn in a protein.

APSSP2: Prediction of secondary structure of proteins from their amino acid sequence.

AR_NHPred: Identification of aromatic-backbone NH interaction in protein residues.

BetaTPred: Statistical-based method for predicting Beta Turns in a protein.

BetaTPred2: Prediction of Beta-turns with high accuracy using multiple sequence alignment.

BetaTurns: It predict different types of beta-turns (e.g., Types I/II/IV/VIII) in a protein.

BhairPred: Prediction of beta hairpins in proteins using ANN and SVM techniques.

CHpredicts: Prediction of CH-O, CH-PI interactions in backbone residues of a protein

GammaPred: Identification of gamma-turn containing residues in a given protein sequence.

PEPstr: Prediction of tertiary sfontucture of small peptides (7 to 45 residues).

Proclass: Classification of proteins based on secondary sfontucture contents.

PSA: Analyze the amino acid sequence and multiple sequence alignment of proteins.

RPFOLD: A fold recognition server for searching protein fold in PDB.

SARpred: ANN-model for redicting real-value of surface acessibility of protein residues.

TBBpred: This server predict Transmembrane Beta Barrel regions in a protein.

PEP2D: This server allows you to predict secondary structure of peptides.