Webservers for Predicting Interaction between biomolecules

ADPint: Prediction of ADP interacting residues in a protein.

ATPint: Identification of ATP binding sites in ATP-binding proteins.

DOMprint: SVM based model for predicting domain-domain interaction (DDI).

GlycoEP: Prediction of C-, N- and O-glycosylation site in eukaryotic proteins.

GlycoPP: Prediction of potential N-and O-glycosites in prokaryotic proteins.

GTPbinder: Identification of GTP binding residue in protein sequences.

MYCOprint: A tool fort exploration of the interactome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

NADbinder: Prediction of NAD binding proteins and their interacting residues.

Pprint: ANN based method for identification of RNA-interacting residues in a protein.

PreMieR: Identification of mannose interacting residues (MIRs) in protein sequences.

PROprint: Prediction of physical/functional interaction between two protein molecules.

RNApin : A server for the prediction of protein interacting nucleotides in RNA sequences.

tRNAmod: Prediction of post transcriptional modifications in transfer-RNA (tRNA) sequence.

VitaPred : Identification of different class of vitamin interacting residues in a protein.