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The Bioinformatics Centre (BIC) at the Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh was established in 1987. This is the one of nine centres created under the programme Biotechnology Information Systems (BTIS) by department of biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India. The main objectives of this centre are:

  • To develop the software, database and other tools required for creating infrastructure in field of protein modeling and protein engineering
  • To develop softwares in the field of biosciences with particular emphasis on biotechnology.
  • To provide the E-Mail, Internet and networking facilities to the users.
  • To provide the general facilities like literature search, searching molecular database, sequence analysis and training etc.
  • The staff at BIC is actively involved in research in field of protein structure prediction and biocomputing (e.g. See Home Page of Raghava ).

This centre is actively involved in developing software packages in different field of biosciences. Number of software packages have been developed which are available to public. BIC has also developed number of general purpose computer programs. BIC has several number of software and numerous databases which is required in field of protein engineering and modelling.