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  • Abzymes

    As the name suggest abzymesor catalytic antibody are antibody molecule that have conjugated with enzyme to carry out catalysis of some substrate. The abzymes are discovered nearly three decades ago and now with the advancement in the area of protein engineering they show tremendous possibilities.

    Important article on Abzymes

    What are abzymes ?

    Abzymes are antibodies with variable regions possessing enzymatic activity. Naturally occurring abzymes have been observed in normal individuals (Eg., anti-vasoactive intestinal peptide autoantibodies) and individuals with autoimmune problems (Eg. DNAse abzymes in systemic lupus erythematosus). Also, a number of "artificial enzymes" or "designer abzymes" are being developed with any desired enzyme activity and specificity.

    Production of abzymes

    For this reason abzymes are not produced naturally. A catalytic antibody is produced in response to molecules that have a structure similar to the proposed expected transition state of the substrate of the reaction to catalyse which the antibody is sought.
    The details on Abzymes production

    Uses of abzymes

    The words said by Dr. Paul on abzymes,"Unlike regular antibodies, abzymes degrade the virus permanently. A single abzyme molecule inactivates thousands of virus particles. Regular antibodies inactivate only one virus particle, and their anti-viral HIV effect is weaker."
    So abzymes production is one of innovation and there use in HIV treatment may become a future hope for millions of patient suffering from HIV.