READS alingment in PCMdb

Due to advancement in sequencing technology, it is possible to sequence any or all or selected set of genes in a single shot using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). These NGS techniques produce sequence in form of short Reads. This page provides facility to align short Reads on selected or all methylation targets. User can visualize and identify any mutation in newly sequenced sample. For more information, please click HERE

Paired end sequencing
In case you have paired end short Reads, please upload both files having forward and reverse Reads, for detail (e.g. format) see example files in right column.

Upload file containing forward Reads (Mate-1) :
Upload file containing reverse Reads (Mate-2) :

Single end sequencing
If you have single end sequencing, please upload your file contain short Reads. For detail format etc. see example files in right column.

Upload file containing single end Reads:

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      Example Files
Following are example files of short Reads
Forward Reads (Mate-1)
Reverse Reads (Mate-2)

Single end Reads

Example Output File
Following is example output file, obtained using this module from paired end Reads using above example file Mate-1 and Mate-2. Mapping of short Reads on drug targets, click for visualization of alignment in Table Viewer

Short Reads align on targets

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