Major Biochemical functions affected due to change in methylation status of genes included in PCMdb

This page provides the major categories of gene functions to which the genes in PCMdb belong to. This categorization provides an idea about the major biochemical functions that are being affected due to change in the methylation status of the genes in Pancreatic cancer.Here user gets an idea of the biochemical pathways that might get affected by virtue of DNA methylation in pancreatic cancer. For more information, please click HERE .

Biochemical Function # of Genes
Biological Process
Signaling Regulators
Regulators of sequence-specific DNA-binding transcription factor activity130
Molecular Function
Regulators of molecular function
Transcription factors (Nucleic acid-binding)432
Transcription factors (Protein binding)142
Translation regulators6
Signal transducers409
RNA Polymerase II transcription factors
Sequence specific DNA binding128
Transcription factor binding36
Transcription cofactors126

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