Assistance page

    NOTE : This page provides help to the users and explains the working of each tool integrated in this database.                   Click on the link below to go to the help section of the respective tool.

       1. Search

          1-1. Basic

          1-2. Conditional

          1-3. Peptide

          1-4. SMILES

       2. Browse

          2-1. Protein wise

          2-2. Peptide wise

          2-3. Tissue wise

          2-4. Cell lines wise

          2-5. Year-wise

          2-6. Assay Type

          2-7. Length

          2-8. Modification

       3. Tools

          3-1. BLAST

          3-2. Smith-Waterman

          3-3. Mapping

          3-4. Sequence Alignment

          3-5. Structure Alignment


1.To perform basic search, user needs to select one of the fields to paste the query in the box or either type the query to be searched.

2.Also, select the fields user wants to display by checking multiple boxes or using the Check All option.

3.Finally click on the submit box to get the result as displayed below.