Genome Assembly

We have assembled 22,040,838 high-quality, vector-filtered paired end reads (~267X coverage by using SOAPdenovo v1.05 and Gap Closer (for closing the gaps after scaffolding with SOAPdenovo v1.05) software.
We have used SOAPdenovo v1.05 at various hash lengths (Kmer) values and best scaffold set have been selected for further work (i.e. Gap Closer).
Gap Closer software was used to fill the gaps within the scaffolds produced by SOAPdenovo v1.05 software. Gap filled scaffolds were further broken according to instructions from NCBI staff (i.e. Scaffolds having more than 10 Ns in a single span should be broken into two.)
Finally, a set of 178 contigs of size 8.23-Mb has been used for annotation.

Genome Assembly statistics

Assembly typeScaffolds/ContigsSize(bp)N 50 lengthNs (Gaps)GC%
Assembly-1*175 8,237,711135,87613,88166.96
Assembly-2**175 8,231,486135,81223867.22
Assembly-3***178 8,231,340135,8129267.22

*Genome assembly set generated by SOAPdenovo 1.05 at hash length (Kmer) of 71.
**Gap finished genome assembly set produced by GapCloser 1.10 at hash length (Kmer) of 23.
***Final genome assembly set submitted to NCBI after breaking the scaffolds having more than 10 Ns (gaps) in a single span.