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Click a virus to fetch its AVPs.

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  • HIPdb -Database of HIV inhibiting peptides.
  • AVPpred -Prediction of antiviral peptides

  • AVPdb is the first comprehensive database of Antiviral Peptides (AVPs) targeting about 60 medically important viruses.

  • It is a manually curated, open source archive having experimentally verified 2683 AVPs including 624 modified AVPs.

  • Exhaustive information of AVPs like Sequence, Source, Targeted Virus, Cell Line, Assays, Experimental efficacy (qualitative / quantitative) and References etc. is provided.

  • Also incorporated are peptide physicochemical properties and predicted structures.

  • Easy to operate browsing and field / advanced / rule-based search with sorting and filtering functions.

  • Analysis tools such as BLAST, MAP as well as links to major peptide resources are also included.

  • AVPdb is anticipated to cater the need of scientific community working for developing antiviral therapeutics.

  • Citation: Qureshi A, Thakur N, Himani T, Kumar M (2013) AVPdb: a database of experimentally validated antiviral peptides targeting medically important viruses. Nucl. Acids Res. (1 January 2014) 42 (D1): D1147-D1153. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt1191. PMID: 24285301