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siRNAmod-ID (e.g. SM1234)
Reference (e.g. 15545637)
Modification name sense strand (e.g. Locked Nucleic Acid)
Modification name antisense strand (e.g. 2-O-Methyl)
Number of modifications in sense strand (e.g. 3)
Number of modifications in antisense strand (e.g. 4)
Position of modifications of sense strand (e.g. 1,2)
Position of modifications of antisense strand (e.g. 21)
Modification on component of sense strand (e.g. sugar)
Modification on component of antisense strand (e.g. base)
Biological activity (e.g. 85)
Experiment used to check activity (e.g. luciferase assay)
Cell or Organism used (e.g HeLa)
Transfection method used (e.g. lipofectamine 2000)