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Rhodococcus qingshengii strain BKS 20-40

We report a 5.8-Mb genome sequence of Rhodococcus qingshengii strain BKS 20-40, isolated from palm tree rhizosphere soil of Bhitarkanika National park, Odhisha, India, capable of degrading cholesterol moiety. Draft genome of strain BKS 20-40 consists of 6,601,618 bp with a G+C content of 62.4% and 6,409 protein coding genes and 55 RNAs.

Genome sequencing

The genome of strain BKS 20-40 was sequenced using Illumina Hi-Seq 1000 technology. A total of 26,791,554 high quality, vector filtered reads (~541.2 times coverage) were used for assembly with Velvet 1.2.08 (at hash length of 55).

Genome annotation

Genome annotation was done by RAST server and RNAmmer 1.2 .

Draft Genome Submission

This Whole Genome Shotgun project has been deposited at DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank under the accession number . The version available here is the first version, AODN01000000.

Data Download

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