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Rhodococcus rhodochrous BKS6-46

Genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing of strain Rhodococcus rhodochrous BKS6-46 was done by Illumina (paired end) sequencing technology at Genotypic Technology,Bangalore,INDIA.
A total of 2,935,094 paired-end reads of length 54 nt and 11,405,884 paired-end reads of 76 nt length were obtained by the sequencer.

Data Filtering

We have analysed the Illumina paired end data for genome assembly.
NGS QC toolkit v2.2.1 have been used to filter the data for High Quality (Cut off read length for HQ=70%, Cut off quality score=20), vector/adaptor free reads for genome assembly. A total of 2,619,716 paired-end reads of length 54 nt and 9,009,842 paired-end reads of length 76 nt length were obtained after filtering.

Genome assembly

A total of 11,629,558 HQ/vector-filtered reads have coverage of around 137.7X of Rhodococcus rhodochrous strain BKS6-46 (~6 Mb), assembled by Velvet 1.2.03 into 6.21-Mb genome with N50 contig length of 47.9Kb.

Genome annotation

Genome annotation was done by RAST server and tRNAscan-SE-1.23.

Draft Genome Submission

Draft Genome was submitted to GeneBank under the accession AGVW02000000

Data download

Genome assembly and annotation data can be downloaded at this LINK