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Citrobacter freundii MTCC 1658T

We report the 5.0-Mb genome sequence of type species of the genus Citrobacter, Citrobacter freundii strain MTCC 1658T, isolated from canal water. Draft genome of Citrobacter freundii strain MTCC 1658T consist of 5,001,265 bp with a G+C content of 51.61% and 4,691 protein coding genes, 70 tRNAs and 10 rRNAs.

Genome sequencing

. The genome of strain MTCC 1658T was sequenced using a standard run of Roche.s 454 sequencing technology. A total of 891,216 read of average length 402.52 (~71.7X coverage) have been used for genome assembly by Newbler assembler version 2.5.3(Roche).

Genome annotation

Genome annotation was done by RAST server and tRNAscan-SE 1.21.

Draft Genome Submission

This Whole Genome Shotgun project has been deposited at DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank under the accession number . The version available here is the first version, ANAV00000000.

Data Download

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