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Actinoalloteichus spitiensis RMV-1378T

Genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing of strain Actinoalloteichus spitiensis RMV-1378T was done by Illumina technology at Genotypic Technology,Bangalore,INDIA.
A total of 1,891,700 paired-end reads of length 72 nucleotides,7,177,502 paired end reads of 76 nucleotides and 4,480,566 paired end reads of 54 nucleotides were generated.

Genome assembly

Short reads was assembled separately into 5.7-Mb genome(5,704,882 bp) by Velvet software version 1.2.03 at hash length of 43(K=43), with N 50 contig length of 10.5Kb.

Genome annotation

Genome annotation was done by RAST server and RNAmmer 1.2 server.

Draft Genome Submission

Draft Genome was submitted to GeneBank under the accession AGVX02000000

Data download

Genome assembly and annotation data can be downloaded at this LINK