PolysacDB: A comprehensive database of microbial polysaccharide antigens and their antibodies

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Citation: Aithal A, Sharma A, Joshi S, Raghava GPS, Varshney GC (2012) PolysacDB: A Database of Microbial Polysaccharide Antigens and Their Antibodies. PLoS ONE 7(4): e34613. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0034613
Antibodies   No. of Entries   
5Mab-1 1
Antisera raised in guinea pigs1
Antisera raised in humans1
Antisera raised in monkeys1
Bovine antisera1
Cattle polysera2
Goat polysera2
Healthy human sera1
HMab 2-8AH791
Human Antisera4
Mab 6C61
Mab 01-52.61
Mab 01F081
Mab 02B051
Mab 03D031
Mab 03E051
Mab 04A051
Mab 04F031
Mab 05D011
Mab 05E111
Mab 06B41
Mab 07F091
Mab 08B071
Mab 08C061
Mab 12
Mab 1-11
Mab 1-2-C1
Mab 1-211
Mab 1-241
Mab 1-251
Mab 1-3-C1
Mab 1-41
Mab 1-9C41
Mab 1.51
Mab 1.5C5F41
Mab 1.71
Mab 1/8.16.111
Mab 102
Mab 1011
Mab 101C11 1
Mab 1091
Mab 10b121
Mab 10B91
Mab 10C111
Mab 10C61
Mab 10D81
Mab 10d91
Mab 10e21
Mab 10f11
Mab 10G1
Mab 10h71
Mab 10H81
Mab 112
Mab 110-1-5B1
Mab 1105.11
Mab 1107.11
Mab 112-3-2G1
Mab 11731
Mab 11751
Mab 11C101
Mab 11C32
Mab 11E22
Mab 11e81
Mab 11f121
Mab 11F31
Mab 11f61
Mab 11F91
Mab 11G11
Mab 11H031
Mab 11h31
Mab 1206.11
Mab 123.41
Mab 12551
Mab 12A11
Mab 12A1.41
Mab 12B121
Mab 12B61
Mab 12C51
Mab 12C91
Mab 12d11
Mab 12D62
Mab 12E121
Mab 12f121
Mab 12F51
Mab 12F5-G111
Mab 12F5-G21
Mab 12G51
Mab 12g62
Mab 12G71
Mab 131
Mab 13261
Mab 13A091
Mab 13A111
Mab 13a121
Mab 13A81
Mab 13B31
Mab 13c121
Mab 13C81
Mab 13d41
Mab 13D91
Mab 13F11
Mab 13G111
Mab 13G51
Mab 13h121
Mab 142
Mab 1411
Mab 14121
Mab 14A121
Mab 14A21
Mab 14b121
Mab 14b81
Mab 14b91
Mab 14c91
Mab 14C9-D21
Mab 14d31
Mab 14d41
Mab 14d61
Mab 14d71
Mab 14F101
Mab 14f122
Mab 14f51
Mab 14F81
Mab 14H091
Mab 15141
Mab 1541
Mab 15B101
Mab 15B1G101
Mab 15b91
Mab 15C41
Mab 15C61
Mab 15d11
Mab 15E61
Mab 15F5-H51
Mab 15h81
Mab 162
Mab 16A4E71
Mab 16a81
Mab 16C101
Mab 16c121
Mab 16F011
Mab 16f91
Mab 17-11
Mab 17-101
Mab 17-111
Mab 17-121
Mab 17-131
Mab 17-141
Mab 17-171
Mab 17-181
Mab 17-21
Mab 17-201
Mab 17-211
Mab 17-221
Mab 17-231
Mab 17-241
Mab 17-41
Mab 17-51
Mab 17-61
Mab 17-71
Mab 17-81
Mab 1702.101
Mab 1705.181
Mab 17331
Mab 177.161
Mab 177E6/A9 1
Mab 178H11 1
Mab 17E121
Mab 17e41
Mab 17H021
Mab 18-11
Mab 18-101
Mab 18-111
Mab 18-121
Mab 18-191
Mab 18-21
Mab 18-41
Mab 18-51
Mab 18-81
Mab 18-91
Mab 18.441
Mab 181.11
Mab 1846.131
Mab 1863.51
Mab 18B041
Mab 18B71
Mab 18d71
Mab 18G91
Mab 18h101
Mab 191
Mab 1922.21
Mab 1946.131
Mab 1A32
Mab 1B101
Mab 1B21
Mab 1B32
Mab 1B51
Mab 1B52F101
Mab 1C31
Mab 1C51
Mab 1C91
Mab 1D11
Mab 1D31
Mab 1D41
Mab 1D61
Mab 1D91
Mab 1E102
Mab 1E31
Mab 1E71
Mab 1F11
Mab 1F22
Mab 1F61
Mab 1H11
Mab 1H21
Mab 1H41
Mab 23
Mab 2-1-B1
Mab 2-1-L81
Mab 2-111
Mab 2-2-11
Mab 2-2-41
Mab 2-2-61
Mab 2-2-B3
Mab 2-31
Mab 2-41
Mab 2-61
Mab 2-71
Mab 2-81
Mab 2010.101
Mab 2016.31
Mab 2055.51
Mab 20B51
Mab 20C51
Mab 210-Fll1
MAB 2108 (7LE)1
Mab 217H41
Mab 218A81
Mab 219A91
Mab 21a101
Mab 21D21
Mab 22e21
Mab 231
Mab 241
Mab 24c31
Mab 24c51
Mab 251
Mab 25e81
Mab 261
Mab 26001
Mab 26431
Mab 26471
Mab 26751
Mab 2750.271
Mab 291
Mab 29F81
Mab 2A41
Mab 2B41
Mab 2B51
Mab 2B61
Mab 2B71
Mab 2B81
Mab 2C11
Mab 2C31
Mab 2C32E6 1
Mab 2C71
Mab 2C8C41
Mab 2D11
Mab 2D102
Mab 2D41
Mab 2D61
Mab 2D7.101
Mab 2E51
Mab 2E91
Mab 2F61
Mab 2G31
Mab 2G3-A81
Mab 2G81
Mab 2G91
Mab 2H11
Mab 2H91
Mab 34
Mab 3006.181
Mab 30151
Mab 3021
Mab 304.1.41
Mab 30611
Mab 3079.61
Mab 30H121
Mab 32-1-E31
Mab 32B81
Mab 334.41
Mab 3391
Mab 33F71
Mab 341
Mab 351
Mab 361
Mab 360.71
Mab 3707 E91
Mab 3831
Mab 3861
Mab 391
Mab 3A31
Mab 3A51
Mab 3B102
Mab 3B41
Mab 3B61
Mab 3b72
Mab 3B91
Mab 3C111
Mab 3C22
Mab 3C41
Mab 3D1-A91
Mab 3D8 2B111
Mab 3D91
Mab 3E102
Mab 3E121
Mab 3E21
Mab 3E51
Mab 3F101
Mab 3F10 1G31
Mab 3F111
Mab 3F121
Mab 3F61
Mab 3G81
Mab 3G91
Mab 3H21
Mab 3VIE51
Mab 42
Mab 4-2-C1
Mab 4.4C6.F71
Mab 401
Mab 41021
Mab 41891
Mab 42C21
Mab 4361F31
Mab 4362F41
Mab 4383D31
Mab 4384H11
Mab 4385G71
Mab 4386B41
Mab 4387A51
Mab 4391
Mab 46 E9 1
Mab 471
Mab 4711
Mab 4811
Mab 48111
Mab 4A101
Mab 4A81
Mab 4AC101
Mab 4AC51
Mab 4B33D101
Mab 4B71
Mab 4B81
Mab 4B91
Mab 4BF51
Mab 4C41
Mab 4C61
Mab 4D41
Mab 4D64B9 1
Mab 4D71
Mab 4E111
Mab 4E61
Mab 4E91
Mab 4f11
Mab 4f71
Mab 4F91
Mab 4G111
Mab 4G81
Mab 4G91
Mab 4H31
Mab 4H92
Mab 4VA51
Mab 51
Mab 5-1-Y1
Mab 52101
Mab 52141
Mab 55101
Mab 58391
Mab 58921
Mab 5A51
Mab 5b-A11
Mab 5b-B11
Mab 5b-B101
Mab 5b-B21
Mab 5b-B61
Mab 5b-B81
Mab 5B102
Mab 5B24
Mab 5B81
Mab 5B9-F81
Mab 5c111
Mab 5C31
Mab 5C51
Mab 5D61
Mab 5DB41
Mab 5E11
Mab 5E42
Mab 5E45D81
Mab 5E91
Mab 5F71
Mab 5G41
Mab 5H71
Mab 5H81
Mab 61
Mab 6-4-H61
Mab 6.1E7.E31
Mab 60.51
Mab 61.321
Mab 621
Mab 6A12
Mab 6A121
Mab 6A52
Mab 6B21
Mab 6B3B21
Mab 6B41
Mab 6B61
Mab 6B91
Mab 6C3.31
Mab 6C3.41
Mab 6C41
Mab 6D101
Mab 6D111
Mab 6D121
Mab 6D2-D81
Mab 6D51
Mab 6E101
Mab 6F41
Mab 6F71
Mab 6f81
Mab 6g121
Mab 6G9-71
Mab 6H121
Mab 6h91
Mab 72
Mab 7-41
Mab 7.3B1
Mab 72/11.13.61
Mab 72/12.3.91
Mab 72/16.2.141
Mab 72/18.11.71
Mab 72/22.6.111
Mab 72/25.4.141
Mab 72/26.1.11
Mab 72/27.9.91
Mab 72/5.8.41
Mab 72/6.4.111
Mab 72/8.2.11
Mab 73-301
Mab 73.51
Mab 735D41
Mab 75341
Mab 78.21
Mab 7831
Mab 7861
Mab 7a21
Mab 7B111
Mab 7B131
Mab 7B31
Mab 7C111
Mab 7C32
Mab 7C6 D71
Mab 7D21
Mab 7E101
Mab 7E31
Mab 7E61
Mab 7F51
Mab 7f81
Mab 7g121
Mab 82
Mab 80C8C21
Mab 80L7B61
Mab 80L8B21
Mab 83L-2D3/a1
Mab 851
Mab 85-50001
Mab 8652
Mab 8981
Mab 8A1
Mab 8A12
Mab 8aC10 1
Mab 8b21
Mab 8d31
Mab 8E71
Mab 8G101
Mab 8G2 B91
Mab 8h41
Mab 8H81
Mab 8o41
Mab 92
Mab 9-1-H51
Mab 9-2-A81
Mab 9011
Mab 9031
Mab 9041
Mab 9061
Mab 9081
Mab 9201
Mab 9221
Mab 94A1
Mab 9A121
Mab 9c51
Mab 9d82
Mab 9e11
Mab 9E51
Mab 9e61
Mab 9f101
Mab 9f111
Mab 9f121
Mab 9F61
Mab 9H101
Mab 9H31
Mab 9H51
Mab 9Hl1
Mab 9o41
Mab A1
Mab a-41
Mab a-841
Mab A1.111
Mab A101
Mab A10G1
Mab A111
Mab A11C1
Mab A121
Mab A12B1
Mab A12C1
Mab A12D1
Mab A181
Mab A191
Mab A1E1
Mab A2-11
Mab A2A1
Mab A2F121
Mab A3H1
Mab A62
Mab A681
Mab A6C1
Mab A7F1
Mab AC1791
Mab AC31
Mab AC81
Mab Aco11
Mab Aco21
Mab Aco221
Mab Aco231
Mab Aco31
Mab Aco41
Mab Aco51
Mab Aco61
Mab AF-11
Mab AF11
Mab AFRC JIM 251
Mab AFRC JIM 301
Mab AFRC JIM 311
Mab AFRC MAC 2031
Mab AFRC MAC 3331
Mab AFRC MAC 631
Mab AFRC MAC 641
Mab AFRC MAC 651
Mab AP31
Mab B1-11
Mab B1.151
Mab B10E1
Mab B11D1
Mab B1921
Mab B1OH1
Mab B21
Mab B2G1
Mab B31
Mab B5B1
Mab B5H1
Mab B63
Mab B6.11
Mab B71
Mab B7D61
Mab B8F1
Mab B9D1
Mab BA41
Mab Baps C/Y1
Mab Baps-A1
Mab Baro-11
Mab Baro-21
Mab BBG-251
Mab BC41
Mab BCR 90/451
Mab BD12
Mab BES1
Mab BF31
Mab BF41
Mab BF51
Mab BF61
Mab BF71
Mab BG-5 (T174)1
Mab BG-6 (T218)1
Mab BG-7 (P12)1
Mab BG-8 (F3)1
Mab BL-11
Mab BL-31
Mab BL-41
Mab BL-51
Mab BL-61
Mab BL-71
Mab BL-81
Mab BL-91
Mab BM2-101
Mab BM2-151
Mab BM2-281
Mab BM3-21
Mab BM3-71
Mab BM3-81
Mab BO1-11
Mab BO3-11
Mab BRg11
Mab C1-71
Mab C11H1
Mab C1G81
Mab C2/1076.101
Mab C2/181.71
Mab C2/205.101
Mab C2/233.21
Mab C2/256.81
Mab C2/273.71
Mab C2/35.31
Mab C2/630.101
Mab C2/655.71
Mab C2/706.121
Mab C2/735.41
Mab C2/951.81
Mab C2/969.31
Mab C2/974.11
Mab C2/998.31
Mab C3.11
Mab C51
Mab C64
Mab C8G1
Mab C91
Mab C941
Mab CA4-21
Mab CA5-41
Mab CAB11
Mab CAB101
Mab CAB111
Mab CAB121
Mab CAB131
Mab CAB141
Mab CAB151
Mab CAB161
Mab CAB171
Mab CAB181
Mab CAB191
Mab CAB21
Mab CAB201
Mab CAB31
Mab CAB41
Mab CAB51
Mab CAB61
Mab CAB71
Mab CAB81
Mab CAB91
Mab CB41
Mab CB61
Mab CC61
Mab CD61
Mab CE31
Mab Cl-1 1
Mab Cl-21
Mab CNM 13361
Mab CP-331
Mab CP1049.191
Mab CP1050.201
Mab CP1092.231
Mab CP1160.121
Mab CP163.61
Mab CP3-46F51
Mab CP3-50C21
Mab CP3-53C51
Mab CP3-53C81
Mab CP875.21
Mab CP882.21
Mab CP947.61
Mab CRND81
Mab Cry1041
Mab Cs-351
Mab CSFi1
Mab D11
Mab D11E1
Mab D11G1
Mab D15-71
Mab D1F1
Mab D31
Mab D6A1
Mab D72
Mab DC51
Mab DH241
Mab DP81
Mab DZ 11
Mab E1
Mab E12
Mab E101
Mab E28D81
Mab E4-11
Mab E62
Mab E82
Mab E8D8B11
Mab EB-A21
Mab EB-CA11
Mab EB-CA21
Mab EBA-11
Mab EBA-21
Mab EBA-31
Mab EBA-41
Mab EBA-51
Mab EBA-61
Mab EBA-71
Mab EC61
Mab ECF-11
Mab ECF-21
Mab ECF-31
Mab EH111
Mab ElF101
Mab ES-P-1S-11
Mab ES-P-1S-101
Mab ES-P-1S-111
Mab ES-P-1S-121
Mab ES-P-1S-131
Mab ES-P-1S-141
Mab ES-P-1S-151
Mab ES-P-1S-161
Mab ES-P-1S-171
Mab ES-P-1S-21
Mab ES-P-1S-31
Mab ES-P-1S-51
Mab ES-P-1S-61
Mab ES-P-1S-71
Mab ES-P-1S-81
Mab ES-P-1S-91
Mab EV1-H11
Mab F1-A61
Mab F101
Mab F10F51
Mab F11-7F1
Mab F11P411F1
Mab F12 C31
Mab f1251
Mab F12D21
Mab F22-41
Mab f2541
Mab F29-141
Mab F29-171
Mab F29-191
Mab F29-231
Mab F29-31
Mab F29-441
Mab F29-451
Mab F29-471
Mab F29-501
Mab F29-61
Mab F30-51
Mab F4281
Mab F4291
Mab F4311
Mab F47-21-31
Mab F51
Mab F5981
Mab F6-A41
Mab F6281
Mab F6301
Mab f771
Mab F7P52C1
Mab F85-31
Mab F85-51
Mab F85-61
Mab f891
Mab F91
Mab f931
Mab FDD71
Mab FK-2E71
Mab FKF-lF31
Mab FT141
Mab FT2F111
Mab G10F8C31
Mab G141
Mab G151
Mab G191
Mab G1OF8C31
Mab G2-B31
Mab G3-C31
Mab G91
Mab GBS II/4-1OBA91
Mab GBS III/3-5AC81
Mab Guy 11
Mab Guy 21
Mab Guy 31
Mab Guy 51
Mab H10d1
Mab H12E111
Mab H18A1
Mab H41
Mab H51
Mab H6B51
Mab H81
Mab HAS11
Mab HAS101
Mab HAS21
Mab HAS31
Mab HAS41
Mab HAS51
Mab HAS61
Mab HAS71
Mab HAS81
Mab HAS91
Mab HBp21
Mab HmenB11
Mab HmenB101
Mab HmenB111
Mab HmenB121
Mab HmenB131
Mab HmenB141
Mab HmenB21
Mab HmenB31
Mab HmenB41
Mab HmenB51
Mab HmenB61
Mab HmenB71
Mab HmenB81
Mab HmenB91
Mab HP15/361
Mab HP161
Mab HP371
Mab Hyp6BG21
Mab Hyp6BG31
Mab Hyp6BG51
Mab Hyp6BG61
Mab Hyp6BG71
Mab Hyp6BG81
Mab Hyp6BM11
Mab Hyp6BM101
Mab Hyp6BM171
Mab Hyp6BM31
Mab Hyp6BM61
Mab Hyp6BM71
Mab Hyp6BM81
Mab Hyp6BM91
Mab HYSF2a11
Mab HYSF2a21
Mab HYSF2a31
Mab HYSF2a41
Mab I-11
Mab I6D1
Mab IC11
Mab ICL111
Mab ICL121
Mab ICL131
Mab ICL91
Mab ID121
Mab IG51
Mab IH 11
Mab IH 101
Mab IH 111
Mab IH 121
Mab IH 131
Mab IH 141
Mab IH 151
Mab IH 161
Mab IH 171
Mab IH 181
Mab IH 191
Mab IH 21
Mab IH 31
Mab IH 41
Mab IH 51
Mab IH 61
Mab IH 71
Mab IH 81
Mab IH 91
Mab III603.81
Mab III6041
Mab IS-1 1H10-D4 (T131
Mab IS-1 2B4-E3 (T14]1
Mab IS-2 2G7-A8( TI5]1
Mab IVD21
Mab JIM321
Mab JIM331
Mab JIM341
Mab JIM351
Mab JIM361
Mab JIM371
Mab JIM381
Mab JIM391
Mab KC31
Mab KJ6-1H741
Mab KN-2B111
Mab KV4/3621
Mab L-5-411
Mab L-5-851
Mab L11
Mab L101
Mab L21-62
Mab L2D1
Mab L31
Mab L3.131
Mab L41
Mab L6A1
Mab L7.251
Mab L91
Mab lam0381
Mab lam2041
Mab lam6031
Mab lam7011
Mab LBI-IC31
Mab LC3-2H21
Mab LD3-4D61
Mab LIP1
Mab LOG1
Mab LOSM11
Mab LOSM21
Mab LOSM31
Mab LOSM41
Mab M1
Mab M11771
Mab M11831
Mab M11941
Mab M13571
Mab M13601
Mab M15471
Mab M15571
Mab M15581
Mab M15591
Mab M15601
Mab M15611
Mab M15641
Mab M15661
Mab M15691
Mab M15701
Mab M15711
Mab M15721
Mab M15741
Mab M15781
Mab M1823 1
Mab M18251
Mab M5461
Mab M5481
Mab M5491
Mab M5511
Mab M5521
Mab M5531
Mab M5551
Mab M5581
Mab M5591
Mab M6C1
Mab MAEC71
Mab MAHD61
Mab MAHD71
Mab MAHI 31
Mab MASC1-MM31
Mab MASF 11
Mab MASF 111:6,7,81
Mab MASF 61
Mab MASF 6-11
Mab MASF 6-21
Mab MASF 7,81
Mab MASF IV-12
Mab MASF IV-22
Mab MASF R3 core-11
Mab MASF V-11
Mab MASF V-21
Mab MASF V-31
Mab MASF V-41
Mab MASF VI-11
Mab MASF Y-12
Mab MASF Y-22
Mab MASF Y-32
Mab MASF Y-42
Mab MASF Y-53
Mab MASF(7,8)-21
Mab MASF(7,8)-l1
Mab MASF(HI)-11
Mab MASF(II:3,4)-11
Mab MASF(II:3,4)-21
Mab MASF-11
Mab MASF-21
Mab MASF-31
Mab MASM12
Mab MASM22
Mab MASM31
Mab MAST 1071
Mab MAST 1081
Mab MAST 1121
Mab MAST 83 1
Mab MAST201
Mab MAST271
Mab MAST301
Mab MAST411
Mab MAST51
Mab MAST521
Mab MAST601
Mab MAST661
Mab MAST711
Mab MATy-O9 1
Mab MATy-V11
Mab MATy-V51
Mab MATy-V71
Mab MATy-V91
Mab MAY1
Mab MB-321
Mab MB-341
Mab MB221
Mab MCA14.21
Mab MEST11
Mab MEST21
Mab MF13-11
Mab MF13-21
Mab MF15-11
Mab MF15-21
Mab MF15-31
Mab MF15-41
Mab MF15-51
Mab MF19-11
Mab MF23-11
Mab MF23-21
Mab MF23-31
Mab MF23-41
Mab MF25-11
Mab MF25-21
Mab MF25-31
Mab MF25-41
Mab MF25-51
Mab MF25-61
Mab MF27-11
Mab MF27-21
Mab MF27-31
Mab MF29-11
Mab MF29-21
Mab MF30-11
Mab MF30-21
Mab MF30-31
Mab MF30-41
Mab MF30-51
Mab MF30-61
Mab MF30-71
Mab MF31-11
Mab MF31-21
Mab MF31-31
Mab MF31-41
Mab MF31-51
Mab MF31-61
Mab MF31-71
Mab MF31-81
Mab MF31-91
Mab MF32-11
Mab MF32-21
Mab MF32-31
Mab MF32-41
Mab MF35-11
Mab MF35-21
Mab MF35-31
Mab MF35-41
Mab MF35-51
Mab MF35-61
Mab MF35-71
Mab MF35-81
Mab MF43-11
Mab MF43-21
Mab MF43-31
Mab MF43-41
Mab MF43-51
Mab MF43-61
Mab MF43-71
Mab MF43-81
Mab MF43-91
Mab MF45-11
Mab MF45-21
Mab MF45-31
Mab MF45-41
Mab MF45-51
Mab MF45-61
Mab MF47-41
Mab MF5-11
Mab MF5-21
Mab MF5-31
Mab MF5-41
Mab MF50-11
Mab MF54-11
Mab MF54-21
Mab MF54-31
Mab MF54-41
Mab MF54-51
Mab MF55-11
Mab MF57-11
Mab MF57-101
Mab MF57-21
Mab MF57-31
Mab MF57-41
Mab MF57-51
Mab MF57-61
Mab MF57-71
Mab MF57-81
Mab MF57-91
Mab MF71-31
Mab MG961
Mab MH-4H71
Mab ml 6A121
Mab ml 8A21
Mab ml 8B21
Mab ML021
Mab ML091
Mab ML341
Mab mLE11
Mab mLE21
Mab mLE31
Mab mLE41
Mab MO21
Mab MO4-21
Mab MO4-31
Mab MO4-41
Mab MO4-51
Mab MO4-81
Mab MT 74 H311
Mab MT133 H261
Mab MT21
Mab MT71 H1051
Mab MT72 H991
Mab MUM/F 1 - 1 /copenhageni1
Mab MUM/F 1-11
Mab MUM/F 1-21
Mab MUM/F 1-31
Mab MUM/F 1-41
Mab MUM/F 1-51
Mab MUM/F 1-61
Mab My-281
Mab N3F1
Mab NM-3G81
Mab NOV1
Mab OE11
Mab OE21
Mab OE31
Mab OE41
Mab OE51
Mab OE61
Mab OE71
Mab OF11
Mab OF21
Mab OF31
Mab OF41
Mab OF51
Mab OF61
Mab OF71
Mab OF81
Mab OF91
Mab OM-lD61
Mab P10-11
Mab P12B1
Mab P1P31
Mab P5-11
Mab P6-1D21
Mab P6-2A21
Mab P7-11
Mab P8-11
Mab P8-41
Mab PG2 B8F1
Mab PI-11
Mab PII-B12
Mab PII-C32
Mab PII-D12
Mab PII-D52
Mab PL131
Mab PL151
Mab PL21
Mab PL41
Mab PL51
Mab PL61
Mab PP61
Mab PP81
Mab PP91
Mab Ps(1-2)a11
Mab Ps(1-2)d1
Mab Ps(1-2)d11
Mab Ps1a1
Mab Ps1a'1
Mab Ps1a11
Mab Ps1b1
Mab Ps1c1
Mab Ps1C11
Mab Ps1d1
Mab Ps1X1
Mab Ps2a1
Mab Ps2a11
Mab Ps2d1
Mab QUBF 121
Mab QUBf51
Mab QUBf61
Mab QUBf71
Mab QUBf81
Mab R10F1
Mab R1241
Mab RM-51
Mab RM51
Mab Ru-O11
Mab S10-31
Mab S23-241
Mab S25-21
Mab S25-231
Mab S25-261
Mab S25-271
Mab S25-51
Mab S25-71
Mab S3-4H681
Mab S3-91
Mab S40-261
Mab S40-81
Mab S48-3-131
Mab S48-3-171
Mab S51
Mab S5-101
Mab S69-41
Mab SA:5D12A1
Mab SAl.C11H1
Mab SAl.C7F1
Mab SC11
Mab SC401
Mab SD:10D9H1
Mab Seam 11
Mab Seam 101
Mab Seam 111
Mab Seam 121
Mab Seam 131
Mab Seam 141
Mab Seam 151
Mab Seam 161
Mab Seam 171
Mab Seam 181
Mab Seam 191
Mab Seam 21
Mab Seam 201
Mab Seam 211
Mab Seam 221
Mab Seam 231
Mab Seam 241
Mab Seam 251
Mab Seam 261
Mab Seam 281
Mab Seam 291
Mab Seam 31
Mab Seam 301
Mab Seam 351
Mab Seam 41
Mab Seam 481
Mab Seam 51
Mab Seam 61
Mab Seam 71
Mab Seam 81
Mab Seam 91
Mab SF 11
Mab Sh5S1
Mab Sh9R1
Mab ShllS1
Mab SIbD21
Mab SM1-81
Mab SMB191
Mab T35111
Mab TB-C-13
Mab TB-C-101
Mab TB-C-111
Mab TB-C-121
Mab TB-C-161
Mab TB-C-171
Mab TB-C-191
Mab TB-C-21
Mab TB-C-31
Mab TB-C-41
Mab TB-C-51
Mab TB-C-61
Mab TB-C-71
Mab TB-C-81
Mab TB-C-91
Mab TB5-11
Mab TB5-21
Mab TB5-201
Mab TOU1
Mab VAN1
Mab Vi4a1
Mab Vi5a1
Mab Vi6a1
Mab VI7031
Mab Vi7a1
Mab WEA1
Mab WIC 108.21
Mab WIC 108.31
Mab WIC 108.71
Mab WIC 29.261
Mab WIC 79.31
Mab WM251
Mab WN1 222-51
Mab WO1-41
Mab X-11
Mab X-131
Mab X-151
Mab X-41
Mab X-51
Mab X-91
Mab XCIV 1 H2-A8(T1 l)1
Mab Y-A11
Mab Y-A21
Mab Y-A31
Mab Y-A41
Mab Y-A51
Mab Y-B11
Mab Y-B21
Mab Y-B31
Mab Y-B41
Mab Y-B51
Mab Z31
Mab [unnamed]1
Mabs 4f111
Mouse Mab 11
Mouse Mab 21
Mouse Mab 31
Mouse Mab 41
Mouse Mab 51
Mouse Mab 61
Mouse Mab 71
Mouse Mab 81
Mouse Mab 91
MT168 H111
Polyclonal Antisera4
Rat Mab 11
Rat Mab 21
Rat Mab 31
Rat Mab 41
Rat Mab 51
Rat Mab 61
Rat Mab 71
Rat Mab 81
S2-A H921
Sheep antisera1
Type A Polysera1
Un-named Mab1

Bioinformatics Centre, Institute of Microbial Technology, Sec - 39A, Chandigarh, India - 160036