We are grateful to researchers for their direct and indirect help in the development of this database. In this database we used information from various resources/databases as well as we used number of software/web services for developing this database. We are grateful to the developers of these databases/software/resources that include following resources.

AHTPDBAntihypertensive peptides
APD2Antimicrobial Peptides
AVPdbAntiviral peptides
BaAMPsAntimicrobial peptides against microbial biofilms.
BACTIBASEbacteriocins (natural antimicrobial peptides)
BrainpepsBlood-Brain barrier peptides
CAMPAntimicrobial peptides.
CancerPPDAnticancer peptides and proteins
ConoServerConopeptides (expressed by snails)
CPPsiteCell Penetrating Peptides
DADPAnuran Defense Peptides
HemolytikHemolytic peptides
HmrbasePeptide hormones and their receptors
ParaPepAnti-parasitic peptides
PhytAMPAntimicrobial plant peptides
QuorumpepsQuorum sensing peptides
TumorHoPeTumor Homing Peptides
YADAMPAntimicrobial Peptides

BLASTAlgorithm for pairwise sequence similarity search.
PSI-BLASTAlgorithm for sequence similarity search based on Position Specific Scoring Matrix (PSSM).
Smith WatermanAlgorithm for pairwise sequence similarity search.
DSSPDatabase for secondary structure assignments.
ApacheSoftware for the development of web based server.
PHPServer side scripting language
MySQLAn open source relational database management system
PERLA Scripting language
Marvin SketchA powerful chemical editor for drawing chemical structures.
jcsearchA powerful chemical structure search program to perform substructure, superstructure, similarity searching.
OS TemplatesEducational Templates for developing responsive webinterfaces.