Peptide databases in Wish List

Our aim is to integrate as many as possible databases in our database. Following table contains the list of databases, which we wish to incoroporate into SATPdb.

No. Database Description Entries Reference
MilkAMPantimicrobial peptides of dairy origin2992014
Human Urine Peptide Databasenaturally occurring human urinary peptides9532011
IEDBImmune Epitope Database>2000002015
MHCBN 4.0MHC bnders & non-binders258602009
PEPlifehalf-life of peptides1215Communicated
EPIMHCMHC-binding peptides82012005
AntiJenpeptides binding to MHC Ligand, B/T-cell epitope, etc68352005
PeptaibolAntibiotic peptides3172004
RAPDRecombinantly-produced Antimicrobial Peptides1792008
Defensins Knowledgebasedefensin family of antimicrobial peptides5662007
BcipepB-cell epitopes30312005
CPPsite2Cell-penetrating peptides18552016
DBAASPAntimicrobial Peptides76882014