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==== Reference: Singh et. al. (2015) SATPdb: a database of structurally annotated therapeutic peptides. Nucleic Acids Research. =====

SATPdb is a database of structurally annotated therapeutic peptides curated from twenty public domain peptide databases and two datasets. These peptides have wide range of function and therapeutic activities, here we classified these peptides into 10 categories based on their major function. These categories includes anticancer, antiviral, antiparasite, antibacterial, drug delivery and toxic peptides. In addition to main categories, we also assigned sub-categories to peptides belongs to certain peptide categories; for examples toxic peptides were further classified into cytotoxic and hemolytic peptides. It has been shown in past that structure of peptide is responsible to its function. Thus we predicted or annotated structure of peptides in SATPdb using state-of-art techniques and Protein Data Bank (PDB). In order to faciliate scientific community, we integrated numreous web-based tools in this datbase.


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