Browsing of peptides

This page allow users to browse peptides in SATPdb based on different functions of peptides like antimicrobial peptides, anticancer peptides etc. It also allows to browse the peptides based on physicochmical properties, secondary structure, etc.

Browse on Function

This module allow user to browse peptides in SATPdb based on their major function and sub-function.

Additional Info

This module will display peptides based on the additional information (function/activity not classified under main function category).

Physicochemical Properties

Allow to browse peptides based on their physicochemical properties like charge, polarity, size.

Residue Modifications

Classification of peptides based on type of modicications their residues have.

Secondary Structure

Browsing of peptides based on their secondary structure composition.

Functional Frequency

User can browse the peptides based on frequency of their occurence in different functional categories