Peptide Secondary Structure Composition

We compute secondary structure composition of peptides (like percent of helix, beta-strand, coil) and group them based on their secondary structure. It list all the peptides having secondary structure content in different range. For more information see HELP page.

Grouping of Peptides in Tabular Format

Secondary structure of peptidesNumber of Peptides
Helix content 0-25%11253
Helix content 26-50%3425
Helix content 51-75%1950
Helix content >75%654
Strand content 0-25%16664
Strand content 26-50%541
Strand content 51-75%71
Strand content >75%6
Turn content 0-25%5691
Turn content 26-50%8627
Turn content 51-75%2913
Turn content >75%51
Coil content 0-25%4008
Coil content 26-50%8398
Coil content 51-75%3172
Coil content >75%1704

Grouping of Peptides in Graphical Format

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