Browse on Major Functions and Subfunction

Distribution of peptides based on their major functions and subfunctions. Left column shows major functions and number of peptides in each function. Right column shows subfunctions corresponding to function in left column. For example,"Toxic" will display all the toxic peptides. Similarly, clicking on "hemolytic" will display all the peptides having subfunction "hemolytic" under function "toxic". For more information see HELP page.

Major Functions Subfunction
Antibacterial (3011)Anti-gram+ (1380), Anti-gram- (1212)
Anticancer (1099)Antitumor (58), Antiangiogenic (216)
Antifungal (1435)Antiyeast (3)
Antihypertensive (1698)NA
Antimicrobial (10585)NA
Antiparasitic (459)Antiplasmodial (285), Antitrypanosomic (71), Antileishmania (61)
Antiviral (3459)NA
Drug delivery (1642)Cell penetrating (831), Tumor homing (659), Blood-brain barrier (154)
Cell communication (712)Hormones (52), Quorum sensing (292)
Toxic (4273)Hemolytic (2007), Cytotoxic (2443)
Miscellaneous (1837)NA