Physicochemical Properties of Peptides

Browising of peptides based on their physicochemical propeties, it includes percent of hydrophobic residues, polar residues, charged residues and small size residues. It shows peptides having number of residues in given range, for example peptides having upto 25% hydrophobic residues.For more information see HELP page.

Physicochemical Property of PeptidesNumber of Peptides
Hydrophobic Residues
Hydrophobic residues between 0-25%2255
Hydrophobic residues between 26-50%10473
Hydrophobic residues between 51-75%5622
Hydrophobic residues > 75%842
Polar Residues
Polar residues between 0-25%2686
Polar residues between 26-50%11891
Polar residues between 51-75%4162
Polar residues > 75%453
Positive Charged Residues
Positive charge between 0-25%18858
Positive charge between 26-50%3189
Positive charge between 51-75%243
Positive charge > 75%91
Negative Charged Residues
Negative charge between 0-25%18703
Negative charge between 26-50%466
Negative charge between 51-75%19
Negative charge > 75%4
Small Residues
Small residues between 0-25%4953
Small residues between 26-50%10171
Small residues between 51-75%3845
Small residues > 75%223