Output of option Peptide Property of Browse Menu

This page list peptide entries having specific physico-chemical properties as selected by the user. The header of the table has abbreviations which are explained just above the starting of the table. Moreover, each column of the table can be sorted by clicking on the header of that column. Clicking once will display the results in descending order while clicking twice will display in ascending order. For example, if a user wants to get peptide sequences having maximum length (column 'Len') then he/she needs to sort 'Len' column by cliking on 'Len' header. User may get detailed information about a peptide by clicking its ID (left column labeled S-ID).

Search results of property wise browsing (Negative charged residues > 75%)

S-ID: SATPdb ID; Seq: Sequence; Len: Length; HR: (%)Hydrophobic Residues; PR: (%)Polar Residues; Pos:(%) Positive Residues; Neg:(%) Negative Residues; SS:(%) Small size Residues;

The total number of entries retured by search is 4
S-ID Sequence Len HR PR Pos Neg SS