Peptide Card of SATpdb

This page display detail information about a peptide. Following is detail description of peptide having ID: satpdb20343. One may get more information on these peptides by clicking on source of information (Link to Source). This page also allow to visulaize or download tertiary structure of this peptide.

Field/FunctionDetailed desription
Peptide IDsatpdb20343
C-terminal modificationAmidation
N-terminal modificationFree
Peptide TypeLinear
Type of ModificationO=4-Hydroxyproline; Gla=Gamma carboxylic glutamic acid
Source (Databases)1 (conoserver)
Link to Sourceconoserver_P01496,
Major Functions1 (miscellaneous,)
Additional InfoNA,
Helix (%)NA
Strand (%)NA
Coil (%)NA
Turn (%)NA
DSSP statesNA
3-D StructureNot Predicted